Atrium Smoke and Fire Curtains

Smoke and Fire curtains are used for smoke containment and smoke compartmentalization in atria as part of an engineered smoke control system. Smoke curtains can be used as a component in exhaust or pressurization smoke control systems and additionally provide a 1-hour or 2-hour fire rating. 

Fire curtains can be used to provide code required atrium fire separation. Smoke curtains can be used as a smoke barrier with a 1-hour rating. Vertical and horizontal fire curtains can be used to prevent a space from being considered an atrium. 

Atrium smoke control is complex and requires close coordination between the curtain manufacturer, the fire protection engineer, the mechanical engineers, the architect, and the AHJ. We provide design and code compliance support free of charge

1–3 hours UL 10D Fire Protective Curtain Complies with NFPA 80, IBC §404.6, 706, 707, 708, 709, 710

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Louvered ventilators and UL listed fail-safe window operators allow windows and doors to be used as make-up air and exhaust in atrium smoke exhaust systems.  Operable windows and air-intake louvers can supplement make-up air volume. Fail-safe motorized windows connect to the fire alarm control panel with position monitoring and endpoint feedback.  Please contact Fire Curtain Technologies for more […]

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