Smoke curtains designed to blend in with contemporary design

Smoke curtains designed to blend in with contemporary design

Temple University Library


Daniel J Keating Co

Automatic Smoke Curtain SM5

Atrium Fire / Smoke Barrier
Exit Stairway
Deployable Draft Curtain

Charles Library is the stunning centerpiece of Temple University-Main Campus, located at two primary pedestrian pathways, Liacouras and Polett walk. Temple University’s goal was building a 21st-century library that will redefine campus life at its optimal level and care for all of the valuable resources it will provide. The bold design promotes sustainability, such as stormwater management systems and a green roof that will be one of the largest in the state.


  1. Design and install a deployable smoke curtain system around the 4th floor to protect the ‘Oculus,’ the centerpiece of the building
  2. Install a 2-hour smoke curtain around the 3rd-floor staircase to protect the 4th floor from vertical smoke migration
  3. Passive smoke containment by Installing a motorized smoke curtain on the 4th floor to isolate one side of the atrium

Charles Library’s bold design includes an area called the ‘Oculus’ on the 4th floor, probably the most beautiful and challenging part of the building. Here, both the false ceiling and the roof itself are slanted, making it difficult to install a smoke curtain.


Flexibility without compromising on safety is the defining feature of the Deployable Smoke curtain SM5. The Oculus area required custom design, and Fire curtain Technologies proposed the perfect solution to overcome the angled ceiling and to satisfy code without sacrificing the design.

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