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Smoke protective curtain for elevator doors with a clear transparent material. UL 1784. UL 263

Elevator Smoke Curtain GX

The Smoke Curtain GX is an automatic smoke curtain for elevator doors, which combines high functionality, design, and cost-effectiveness. 

The elevator smoke curtain GX allows for freedom of design and is easy to install. The system can be installed almost invisible in suspended ceilings, and directly in front of the elevator openings. 

The Smoke Curtain GX allows for egress and access after the system is activated. Flexible magnetic strips are attached to the curtain’s edges, which then creates a tight seal upon deployment.

The Protective Smoke Curtain GX meets the requirements for smoke protection according to UL1784 and is regulated in the IBC.

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  • UL 1784 tested
  • Clear transparent material
  • Magnetic side guides
  • Integrated egress switch
  • Gravity-Fail safe system
Maximum Dimensions
WIDTH: 10.0’ – DROP: 10.0’  – DEPTH: 9.84″
  • Elevators
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