1–2 hours. Tested to EN 12101-1.
Complies with NFPA 92. NFPA 204, NFPA 409

Fixed Draft Curtain SM-ST

The Fixed Draft Curtain contains smoke from a specific area and prevents it from spreading to other areas. 

The Smoke Draft Curtain consists of several overlapping curtains attached to provide a continuous run. They are connected together and to the building through clamps and angle pieces. The cloth’s bottom is weighted, ensuring that the fixed curtain remains taut and reduces the amount of deflection through air currents.

Draft curtains are lightweight compared to alternative materials such as steel sheeting.


Fixed Smoke Curtains can be manufactured to suit any shape or size application.


Tested and approved to European Standards EN 12101 – Smoke and Heat Control Systems –

Code References

Complies with IBC §1019.3 – Exit Access Stairs and Escalators


Draft curtains are ideal for smoke containment in aircraft hangars and warehouses where the barrier is able to stay permanently in position.

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  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Custom sizes
  • Heat resistant curtain material
  • Allows penetrations in various sizes and shapes
Maximum Dimensions

WIDTH: ∞ ft HEIGHT: 49 ft

  • Warehouses
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Industrial plants