IBC Compliant Elevator Smoke Containment Curtain

IBC Compliant Elevator Smoke Containment Curtain

State Street Renovation

Rochester, NY

West Construction

Elevator Smoke Curtain GX

Elevator smoke containment

The 4 Story Office/Retail building is located on State Street in downtown Rochester, NY. The building was completely  renovated, exposing original brick walls and features a two story atrium with steel  a convenience staircase connecting floors 2 and 3. The newly redeveloped property offers an exceptional amount of light and views of the Genesee River.

Update  the building’s interior design  for contemporary open-concept design preferences while maintaining compliance with the New York State building code.  Elevator lobbies are required to    prevent the spread of smoke via elevator shafts, and when elevator lobbies are not possible as part of the architectural goals, hoistway protection can be achieved using an elevator smoke containment curtain.

Bringing up to code a 1900’s building is always a challenge, not to mention the lack of space to build an elevator lobby. Per 2018 IBC §3006, elevator hoistways with open elevator lobbies connecting more than three stories must be protected by assemblies that comply with the smoke and draft control door assembly requirements and tested under UL-1784.

The Elevator Curtain GX is IBC compliant, and eliminates the need to install an elevator lobby. The system is suitable for any structure and can be installed almost invisible directly in front of the elevator openings. This vertical elevator smoke curtain complies with the NYC Building Code zero-clearance door requirements, and is UL 1784 labeled for smoke resistance meeting the code’s requirements in this project.

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