Elevator Smoke Curtain GX

Elevator Smoke Curtain GX

The Smoke Curtain GX is a transparent smoke curtain for elevator doors that complies with IBC 3006 and IBC 1020, and is accepted by architects and AHJ’s throughout the United States for hoistway protection as either the basis of design or a substitute.
This UL1784 tested smoke curtain combines a highly functional roll down design with cost-effectiveness in mind, offering a low life cycle cost.
The GX curtain is easy to install and is designed to be used in conjunction with fire-rated Elevator Doors from all manufacturers.


The Elevator Curtain GX deploys when notified by the general fire alarm, local smoke detectors or loss of power

  • UL 1784
  • NFPA 105
  • ASTM E84 (CAN/ULC-S102)
  • ICCRR-1059 in accordance with ICC-ES (Intertek)
  • CA Listing OPM-0371-13

The GX allows for egress and access after the system is deployed by pushing the curtain-mounted egress buttons located on both sides of the screen.

Clear Transparent Fabric
Side Guides
Flexible Magnetic Guides
Integrated Egress Switch
The GX Elevator Smoke Containment Curtain delivers the lowest life cycle cost available including materials, installation, annual testing, and maintenance.
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Clear Transparent Screen
High temperature classification 649ºF 400ºF
Peek Foil thickness 0.006mm (6um) 0.004mm (4um)
Film reinforced with glass fiber mesh
Deploys with loss of power
Works with smoke detector
Emergency Power Source (Battery back-up included)
20 min. hold-open time via battery backup (included)
Self-closing trap door
Cable guides stay in place during manual egress
Re-opening egress button / switch
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