International Delivery of fixed draft curtains

International Delivery of fixed draft curtains

Michelin – Mezquite

León, Guanajuato, MEXICO

Constructora Garza Ponce

Fixed Draft Smoke Curtain SM-ST

Draft curtain for warehouse

In response to the sustained growth in the Mexican automobile market, Michelin tyre manufacturer began the construction of a factory of new high-end tyres for automobiles and heavy equipment in Guanajuato. The normal vulcanization process involved in making tyres is complex and constantly generates smoke. Every tyre factory requires a quality smoke containment system to control and reduce the migration of smoke.

Contain smoke generated by the process of 4 lines of machinery and then channel it to the smoke extractors located in the same areas.

Design a smoke containment system with fixed curtains that would adapt to the existing pipes in the process lines, including the passage of a conveyor of one of the lines without obstructing its process.

Fire Curtain Technologies designed and installed a smoke containment system that adapted perfectly to the existing lines and pipes in the tire factory.

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Fire Resistance: 1–2 hours. Tested to EN 12101-1. Complies with NFPA 92

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