Elevator Shaft Fire Curtains

Elevator Shaft Fire Curtains

Graduate hotel


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Elevator Fire Rated Smoke Curtain SD

Elevator smoke containment

Graduate Nashville is a 12-story, 205-key hotel located in Nashville’s Midtown neighborhood on West End Ave. The hotel includes a welcoming open-plan lobby featuring terrazzo marble floors and high-gloss walls, complemented with vibrant mismatched furniture. The property features a coffee shop, a rooftop bar, and a meeting/event space.

Prevent smoke from flowing through the elevator shafts of the hotel in case of a fire in the 12-story hotel.

Where an elevator shaft connects three or more stories, architects are required, by the IBC, to isolate each floor from the elevator shaft with fire and smoke protection. Fire-rated swing doors are commonly specified to protect the lobby, but they were far from ideal in this complex and energetic building.

Fire Curtain Technologies provided 26 Smoke Protective Curtains SD listed to meet UL10D and UL1784, with manual egress controllers. To complete a seamless look, finished headboxes, side guides, and bottom bars with polyester powder coating were delivered. The Fire Rated Smoke Curtain SD is ideal for elevator hoistways. It’s an automatic, gravity-deployed barrier with integrated seals that prevent fire and smoke from transferring via elevator shaft.

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1-3 hours Fire Protective Smoke Curtain. UL 10D, UL 1784 Vertical Opening Protective Complies with NFPA 80, IBC §706, 707, 708, 709, 710

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