Fire Curtains for Corridors

Fire curtains for Corridors are designed to contain smoke and fire creating a fire separation in corridors for egress.  When deployed, the Fire Protective Curtain prevents smoke and fire from transferring from one part of a building to another. It forms a temporary barrier which assists people escaping from the building.

The fire curtain operates automatically when interfaced with the building fire alarm system. In the event that the power fails, the Gravity Fail-safe system will deploy the curtain to its operational position.

Our fire curtains are designed to fit every application and can be a complement to an existing mechanical smoke and fire containment system.

Fire Curtains are often compared to fire doors. While they perform the same job, placing a UL-rated opening protective across an opening in a rated wall, they differ drastically in composition, arrangement, control, and testing to assure consistent performance across opening protective technologies. Though fire curtains don’t swing as an overall assembly as fire doors […]

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1–3 hours UL 10D Fire Protective Curtain Complies with NFPA 80, IBC §404.6, 706, 707, 708, 709, 710

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