Fire Curtains VS Fire Doors in Restaurants

Fire Curtains VS Fire Doors in Restaurants

La Choza Restaurant

Santa Fe, NM

Mathey & Assocs. Architects 

Smoke Protective Curtain SD 1

Opening Protective

La Choza Restaurant is the favorite Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico, known for its colorful atmosphere and authentic Mexican food. After more than two decades, the restaurant was ready for a renovation.

The owner of the restaurant wanted to make an addition to the dining area to take more customers. The primary consideration with this addition was how to make it feel like part of the restaurant and not change the overall character.

Per IBC, each opening through a firewall shall be covered by an Opening Protective of at least the same fire-resistance rating. In this case, fire doors are frequently specified, but they would have interfered with the traffic flow and openness that the client wanted.

The use of the smoke and fire curtain made it possible to achieve the connection between an open floor plan and a traditional look. The 3-hours Fired-Rated Curtain SD is a gravity-deployed curtain, listed to meet UL1784 and UL10D.

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