Parking Garage Induction Fan

The Induction Fan is a low profile, high velocity fan intended to control air movement in parking garages and underground service areas.

The Induction Fan reduces levels of polluted air and assists with the extraction of smoke in the event of a fire.

This parking garage fan is suitable for temperatures up to 300°C  (572°F) for 120 minutes (S2) with built-in switch or 400°C (752°F) with built-on switch. Ambient execution is also possible

Maximum Dimensions:   100 N thrust • Maximum 50 N thrust

 100  50
Height: 12 inches
Length: 57 inches
Wide: 39 inches
Height: 10 inches
Length: 47 inches
Wide: 33 inches
Features and Benefits


  • Large savings on installation time
  • Lower excavation costs
  • Lower maintenance
  • Cleaner, less cluttered ceilings
  • Variety of finishes
  • Low noise output
  • Pre-galvanized sheet (standard)
  • Polyester powder coating to any RAL color

Single speed DOL motor suitable for inverter speed control, IP55 protection

Two speed motor (full and half speed), IP55 protection


F300 – continuous operation for one hour at 300ºC  (572°F)

Also ambient execution possible

EN 12101-3

Do you have a current or upcoming project that requires Fire or smoke curtains?