Performance of Smoke and Fire curtains

In terms of its performance, a smoke curtain is only expected to be exposed to smoke, so it is rated to 600oC. A fire curtain, on the other hand, may well be exposed to the fire itself and fire temperatures can be a lot higher. So, the fire curtain is fire rated against the normal ISO fire curve, which exceeds 1000oC, so it is a much higher rating and the curtain needs to be more robust in order to achieve that. If you try to use a smoke curtain in an application where a fire curtain is needed, then the smoke curtain simply will not be robust enough to withstand the fire temperatures.

Smoke curtains and fire curtains have significant differences and are not interchangeable.

It is important to be sure about which one is needed, and to specify it properly. To make it simple to decide, fire curtains restrict the spread of fire, and smoke curtains only restrict the spread of smoke, and this is a very important difference.

Both products form important part of the building’s fire safety strategy, so it is important that they are applied properly and maintained properly once they are in place.

Do you have a current or upcoming project that requires Fire or smoke curtains?